I am so glad you've decided to join the journey!

This program is the result of over a year of work.   It started as a practical approach to getting people unstuck, and to help them navigate the rapid changes common to Energy Alignment.   But it has grown into so much more, incorporating a wealth of experiences, challenges, solutions, always with the goal of demonstrable results and ever increasing awareness and ability to better approach life's trials and to better participate in life's natural abundance.

Here are some steps you can take now (and you might want to bookmark this page):

1)  If you haven't yet done so, please schedule Healing/Energy Alignment sessions now:
     * First, book an initial healing session.  This gives us a chance to chat, and to get you feeling these frequencies.
     * If you've purchased a package with additional sessions, book those 7-10 days apart.
     * If you've purchased a package with the Energy Alignment too, find two consecutive days for it sessions (two 
        sessions, one each day).  If you can't do two consecutive days, you can have one day between the two sessions,
        but no more than  that.  Two back to back days is preferable.   Book your healing sessions before the Alignment.
        If that proves to be a problem, contact me at kwanyinhealing@gmail.com
        or (315) 280-8462, and we'll see if we can find a suitable solution for you. 

Here's the online schedule:   http://kwanyinhealing.youcanbook.me/
(If you can't find a good time, or if everything is booked, email me and we'll work it out).
*Note:  all times on the online schedule are Eastern Time (New York time).

2)  Join the private Facebook group:

The Kwan Yin Journey:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/611173862244256/
This is a "Private" group, meaning you can't even see it to join it!  So...send me a friend request -- I'm at http://www.facebook.com/tim.emerson.18 -- so I can add you to the group (you can "unfriend" me after if you wish).

I know some of you aren't "Facebook people."  However, you will probably want to be at least for the purposes of this group.  One point my past clients who had the Energy Alignment repeated is that, while they went through this transformative experience, they really couldn't talk to anyone about it.  Here, we will have a supportive, understanding community of people with similar experiences.  We will also post "homework" at times and give each other feedback;  this is an important part of the journey.  So, while I'm not going to insist, I *am* going to invite you to strongly consider participating in the group this way, even if it means going to a friend's computer or to the library once a week. 

For the Home Version folks, the forum is quieter, but Journey alumni still check it, and can be a wonderful network.

3)  Short (15 minutes or fewer) videos related to The Kwan Yin Journey:

      * Raising Vibration -- Levels of Being -- What does this mean?  How to do it?

     * Why we're stuck, What keeps us stuck, How to get unstuck -- in 9 Steps
     * 12 Misperceptions about the Law of Attraction
     * The Reconnective Journey
     * HOW to leave your Comfort Zone
     * Leaving the Comfort Zone, Facing Fear--and why do it (Hero's Journey)

And some videos about Healing and The Energy Alignment (Reconnection):

     * How Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection Work
     * Reconnective Healing session with client testimonial
     * Distance Healing with client testimonial
     * "What happens to me during a healing?"
     * Healing isn't Magic (and my Assistant makes a Surprise Visit)

As you get into the modules, a few things to note . . .

* Originally, this was an eight week program called The Reconnective Journey, so you'll hear that terminology on the module recordings and in the transcripts.  Also, the original program included group healing sessions after the recordings.   If you like, lay back after them as if these were live for you.  Clients have told me they still feel the energy.

* The module recordings are from separate offerings of the Kwan Yin Journey, and are recordings of live conference calls.  As such, as you can imagine, over time, connection difficulties interrupted the calls a few times.   No worries -- as you're listening, when you encounter these few places, just keep listening, and know I come back on, reconnected, in a few minutes in every instance.  Thanks for your patience in those few places. 

OK?  Have a look around, and then we'll get started!

Your modules will arrive once a week, starting starting in a day or two (to give you a chance to take in the orientation information).  They are paced that way to give you time to integrate the material -- you won't want to go faster than that.  You may even want to go more slowly -- it's not a race.  But be sure you stay on a schedule, so you don't get behind and drop off.  Weekly is ideal.  

At the end of the modules will be some "homework" assignments.  Be sure to complete these.  They are important building elements of your program.