Welcome!  And let's get started!

First, if you haven't already, please take a moment and book your initial healing session here:

Next, you'll note that the modules refer to both "The Kwan Yin Journey" and "The Reconnective Journey."  That's simply because originally this program was called The Reconnective Journey, then changed later to The Kwan Yin Journey, now the official (and permanent) name.  

Below you have two ways to stream the same audio (the recordings are 90 minutes...usually a little more), and a PDF transcript of the call.  Some weeks the transcript contains extra information, so be sure to take a look at these.  This week has a graphic you'll want to see, referred to in the module.  You can also download the audio.  All of these are yours to keep, to read or listen to over and over, as much as you like.   Enjoy!

If you haven't joined the private Kwan Yin Journey group yet, please do so here:
Week I -- Stepping into Being

Here's the Recording link
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And here's the Transcript link
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The first Q & A call is this Sunday, Nov. 10, 4:00 Eastern:
Conference dial-in number: (805) 399-1000
Participant access code: 419616

To use Skype:   Add freeconferencing.8053991000
Participant access code: 419616

If you can't be there, you can email your questions in advance:  tim@kwanyinhealing.com

Please DO ask questions, live or in advance.   There's a LOT of material, and this is YOUR time to get direct feedback on whatever is coming up for you.   Don't be shy -- the more, the better.  

Calls will be recorded and transcripts available . . . as long as you ask questions!  ;-)

I'm glad you joined us -- have fun!