Coaches, Holistic Practitioners, Program Leaders . . .

* Wouldn't it be great if your clients could somehow work through their "stuff"?
* Can you imagine how much better you could do with clients *ready* to work?
* How much more could you help people if they were ready for what you offer?

* What if you could offer your clients accelerated growth and inner development?
* What if they got a $100 discount just because they are clients of yours?
* What if you got a $100 per client just for steering them toward this experience?
* Can you imagine these grateful clients returning to you, ready to go?
* What if you had new clients, who had done this work, looking for what you do?
* What if you had a whole new audience of these prepared, prospective clients?

Imagine how your clients would feel if . . .

* They felt and looked for the joy in each moment

* They intuitively knew how to handle situations that used to stress them out

* Those moments of flow where everything works started coming regularly

* They began to walk with the divine, experiencing a higher level of vibration

* And these differences were far from subtle, but tangible and observable. 

* And how would YOU like to work with clients like these?

That's what I'm offering you and your clients.

* You can see the client sales page here:

As a JV partner, you will have a page identical to that one, except that (a) the url will have "/yourname" added, and (b) there will be a few boxes saying "but as a special offer to you as a client of _________, you get an extra $100 discount" off whatever early sign-up bonus is there at the time.  This is better than what I'm offering my own clients.

When clients sign up, they will automatically be added to a list dedicated to registrations from that page, and the main page will have a "how did you hear about this" option with your name included, just in case they find their way there.  For each sign-up, you will get a $100 thank you as well.  Your list was built with time and care, and I appreciate it.

 There's more if you like.

* Do you have a free offer to add as a bonus?  Something that would let people know what you do?  
I'm going to focus on the inner work, in a thorough, comprehensive manner, from physical to emotional to mental to spiritual to awareness to initiation to mastery of the two worlds to returning transformed.  While I'll touch on other aspects, I'm not going to resolve their needs with specific business, relationship, financial, yoga practice, spiritual modalities, or whatever else of thousands of things they might want and need next.  If you are what they next need, this would be the time to give them a taste and an incentive.  Please keep it somewhat in line with the spirit of The Reconnective Journey, but beyond that, I'm open to suggestions.

* Would you like to conduct a teleconference interview?  If your list justifies the time and you're willing, I'd be happy to be interviewed for your list at your convenience, take questions, whatever works.  This can be done on your teleconference line, or, if you prefer, we can use mine.  And, anyone signing up at the tele-interview would be considered signing up as one of your people under our agreement--even if they saw the interview announcement elsewhere (I'll promote it as well). 

* If you've got ideas as well, I'm happy to entertain them.

Here's an email template you can use/adjust for your list:

Hey folks,

You might want to check out what my colleague Tim Emerson, of Kwan Yin Healing, is doing soon.

He's offering an 8 week program, "The Reconnective Journey," a combination of energy work and 8 teleseminar classes, designed to take people from feeling stuck in their ordinary worlds and into their true potential.  His clients have reported astounding results from his energy work alone, experiencing a balancing that brings peace, insight, energy, healing, and new opportunities. 

His program offers a systematic, comprehensive personal inventory, with practical, actionable steps to work through physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual parts of each person, as well as awareness, initiation, and returning with this new awareness to the everyday world for practical application.  His clients report astounding, tangible results, and he's offering a tremendously generous package for a fraction of what it's worth.  He specializes in helping people through the inner work -- leaving the comfort zone, facing fears, rising in love, and in putting this new self to greater practical realization. 

If this sounds like it might be a good fit for you, he's also offering, because you are my client, an  additional $100 discount.  Take a look at his program, and if this looks like something for you, it's certainly a good time to take him up on his offer.   I know you'll be in good hands. 


If this works for you . . .

Drop me a note at and we'll get started!  Or call (315) 280-8462. 
(Skype name is kwanyinhealing)
* I'll set up a page and send you the link;
* I'll create a dedicated sign-up list for your clients;
* I'll add you as an "how you heard about this" to my sign-up list.

And if you'd like to implement any of the other options, a bonus gift or an interview,
just let me know, and we'll get that scheduled and in progress.

Thank you for your interest and participation!
* I'm hoping this will be the start of future collaboration and joint ventures.

Much Love,
Tim Emerson
Kwan Yin Healing